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What is TIM?

TIM stands for Traffic Incident Management.  The State of Wisconsin Department of Transportation has implemented a standardized response program for traffic incidents.  This program is called the Traffic Incident Management Enhancement [TIME] program.  All DCERT members are certified TIM responders.  Our members are also certified by the Federal Emergency Management Agency in Incident Command System.  By obtaining these certifications, our members are better equipped to respond and efficiently redirect traffic at a moment's notice.

To further our efforts, DCERT owns a Traffic Incident Management Unit [TIMU].  (Pictured above)

Our TIMU is stocked with over 100 28" traffic cones, 8 directional arrow boards, and 16 advanced warning signs.  Our advanced warning signs notify motorists that an incident is occurring, or traffic hazards are present, well before they are affected.  This significantly reduces secondary collisions and improves traffic flow during an incident.


We currently have 5 TIMU certified operators that are able to respond with the unit.  DCERT also has access to a sign trailer that provides additional barricades, barrels, arrow boards, and cones.

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